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Aisle Insight is an online platform that provides you with instant insight about your trade marketing strategies.

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We visit all the POS that you want, on a weekly basis. We take pictures, audios and notes and process them to delivery powerful and accurate analytics that give you the whole picture in no time.

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We are constantly processing the data we collect and it takes no more than 48 hours to update. All the data is available all the time in a friendly and easy to use platform, and everyone on your team can access from their laptops or smartphones.

Insights created to help you make on-time decisions about your products

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  • 1Filters

    Go as detailed as you want, to make quick comparisons. Pick dates and multiple points of sale to enhance your sample. Filter in or out any competitor, brands and sku's to build your data set.

  • 2Analytics

    All the data is already analyzed for you. Access simple yet powerful graphs, that gives you instant insight about pricing, facing and stock out.

  • 3Share in Display

    More space means more sales. Get a clear view of the share in display for any given category. View the percentage of visual space that any company, brand or sku has.

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  • Placement Histogram 4

    Are your customers finding your products? Are they placed where they should be? Have a look at your shelves. Use this powerful tool in order to identify the places where your products are more frequently exhibited.

  • Prices and Fronts 5

    Take a quick glance at your product's price and quantity of fronts. Understand relevant changes over time and take action immediately.

  • Photos 6

    Having the product neatly presented on the shelf is just as important as having the right price or being on the right location. Get access to all the photos that show you in detail how your product is being displays on every single POS.

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