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We are the kind of people that challenge conventions. We want to test the limits of quality and creativity by solving ordinary problems in a extraordinary way.

Roberto fun picture Roberto profile picture

Roberto Gomez


He inspires the team to grow to their full potential. He’s more of a geek than you’ll ever know.

Mauricio fun picture Mauricio profile picture

Mauricio De Simone


He is definitely a wanderer full of wisdom who also loves to golf.

Sandra Gomes fun picture Sandra Gómes profile picture

Sandra Gómes

Business Development Manager

She understands better than anyone the impact of customer relationships. Believer of the balance between “Gym and Yum”.

Michelle Guzman fun picture Michelle Guzman profile picture

Michelle Guzman

Marketing Manager

Alias “Micha”. The mind behind schedules, routes and POS. She has a hipster vein, but denies it.

ismael rodriguez fun picture ismael rodriguez profile picture

Ismael Rodriguez

Operations Manager

Gathering data is his superpower. He finds solutions to every problem, definitely a very proactive man who loves baseball.

luz fun picture luz profile picture

Luz González

Marketing Specialist

Tiny, but mighty. She is kind of a multitasking person and she loves to transform customers needs into beautiful platforms.

Pitágoras Jiménez fun picture Pitágoras Jiménez profile picture

Pitágoras Jiménez

Sales Representative

Pita is a people person. It’s really easy to get along with him. People love him everywhere he goes.

Elia fun picture Elia profile picture

Elia De Lima

Field Specialist

She has a very strong decision-making skill. Her special gift is the power to relate really easily with people.

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