Data, Analytics & Superpowers

Aisleinsight is powerful, intuitive and blazingly quick, on delivering instant insight about what your customers see in every POS.

Enhance your sample and build your data set

AisleInsight empowers you with detailed information about your categories. It’s all here from general to specifics, you pick where you want to start from, and we analyze the data for you.

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Multiple categories? Many POS?
 No problem!

Select your category from the menu and just type in the locations, regions, zones or establishments you'd like to use for your sample.

Back to the Future

Timeframes allow you to spot different problems. Pick a broad date range to understand trends and patters, or select a specific date to pinpoint problems.

Choose the information that better suit your comparisons

Build your data set by quickly filtering in or out companies, brands or products. Whether you want to take a look at your own brand or make comparisons with your competitors, it's incredibly quick.

Have a real, clear view of your share in display

Our graph speaks the truth and you can also use it to navigate through the category.

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All of you against the World

Hover over the inner circle to view the share in display of your company. You can also see your competitor's!

Make every single punch count

The middle circle allows you to explore the brands within the companies.

Make every single punch count

Choose which SKU you’d like to see on the outer circle.

If they don’t see you, they won’t buy from you

Get a look at your shelves. Make sure your products have the exposure they deserve.

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It's like the battleship board game

Our representation of the shelf allows us to give you the exact coordinate where the product is placed.

Come to the Dark Side

The histogram allows you to understand how often a product was seen at any given place. A darker shade means more frequency on that place within the aisle.

Planogram compliance you say?

You don't have to play blind. Visualize the location of all your products and understand if they're in right spot.

Theory and Practice are two different things

Know the price at which your products are actually being sold. Get a view of pricing variability and analyze the changes between POS.

Give it a try, get 30 days free trial

We believe in building relationships that last. We want you to try us for free, once you're ready all you'll get is an excellent tool with free updates and no hidden fees.