We want to set new standarts for this industry

Fresh delivery

Don’t wait 1 month
 to know what’s happening. Get new data everyday.

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Sample Transparency

You’ll know exactly when and where was the information taken, no more “representative samples”.

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Instant Insight

Say goodbye to raw data and excel spread-sheets. Get real insight online.

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Our goal is to keep you 100% posted

This is HOW we do it

We visit every POS on a weekly basis.

Taking pictures, audios and notes.

Processing them accurately and quickly.

In order to deliver powerful analytics online within a 72 hour window.

We want to hear your ideas and suggestions in order to build the best possible platform
 for your company’s marketing team.

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And last but not least... We are close to you.

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We believe in building relationships that last. We want you to try us for free, once you're ready all you'll get is an excellent tool with free updates and no hidden fees.